Loop production

New tech

OK, there are a lot of companies worldwide that can offer rental services, so why choose us?

Because we always go step further! With young and innovative crew and partners we thrive to be unique. That is why we invest a lot in knowledge which makes difference in corporate world.


3D Projection mapping creates an immersive viewing experience to help you make a lasting impression.

So what is projection mapping?  Powerful projectors are used to create a moving image overlay on the surface of an object.  You can project on numerous surfaces (not just buildings), and the options truly are limitless.

We bring the right team, technology, and creative genius to make all your projection mapping dreams come true.  So let your imagination soar.  We can help you develop a projection mapping concept from start to finish for your next event.

We can add interaction with customers to our projections to crate unique experience that will leave you breathless!

One of our latest projects was 3D mapping on a 20 meter yacht, that we are so proud of! Our client was speechless. That is why we always want to go step further!




Mobile and software development is also a department that we are making a difference.

In the age of the customer, winning requires innovation in customer engagement. And the key to innovation is software.

For further information do not hesitate, contact us! Loop video production is your partner in Croatia so lets make your events unique.