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Star wars filming ended in Dubrovnik

After Game of Throne sets skipped shooting season 6 in Dubrovnik, one more famous saga noticed huge potential in ancient city walls. Star wars (episode 8) ended its 7 days shooting which was kept under high security.

A lot of fans came and visited it during the shooting and shared their enthusiasm for the new sequel. You could see fans dressed in star trooper and Dark Vaders uniforms ready to photo with curious people that surrounded the set.Star-Wars-Dubrovnik-2

Once again Dubrovnik proved that the future looks bright as it meets big hollywood productions and brings more and more fan-based tourists every year.

During the shooting the streets of Dubrovnik were imitations of spaceships crashes and explosions in a scene that will last approx 2 minutes throughout the film.

We cant wait to see Dubrovnik star on the big screens when Star Wars VIII is released on the 15th of December 2017.

Main actors, such as Mark Hamill, Daisy Ridley and John Boyega, from the latest Star Wars movie, havent showed up in Dubrovnik. Because of these scenes were carried out by stunts we can speculate that a lot of SFX will be used as expected and that this sequel will be one of the most expected movies in 2017.

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